2-Way Digital Remote Start + Alarm System

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All-in-one remote start and security system - designed to work with most vehicles. Provides 2-way alarm alerts to enhance your security and peace of mind. Includes remotes, control modules, siren, shock sensor, and theft-deterrent LED.

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  • NU2WT9R-FM 2-Way LCD Remote

  • NU1WG16R-FM 1-Way Backup Remote

  • CM900 Remote Start + Alarm Controller

  • Siren / Shock / LED


  • 2-Way System
  • 3000′ Max Range
  • Remote Start
  • Keyless Entry
  • Vehicle Security
  • Alarm Alerts
  • BLADE Ready
  • DroneMobile Ready
  • Diesel-Engine Safe *
  • Dual-Stage Shock Sensor
  • Remote Upgradeable
  • Theft-Deterrent LED
  • 105+dB Alarm Siren
  • Trunk Release *
  • 1-Year Remote Warranty
  • Automatic Vehicles Only
  • Limited Lifetime System Warranty
  • 2-Way LCD Confirmation

* Additional parts and labor may be required.

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