nu7504 2wg16r-fm


2-Way LED 3000-Ft Range Remote Kit

Model: NU7504

3000-Ft range, water-resistant remote kit with 2-way LED command confirmation. Includes additional backup 1-way remote. Works with all NuStart remote start and security systems.

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  • NU2WG16R-FM

  • NU1WG16R-FM



  • 2-Way LED Confirmation
  • 3000′ Max Range
  • Remote Start
  • Keyless Entry
  • Trunk Release *
  • Water-Resistant Remote
  • 1-Year Remote Warranty

* Additional parts and labor may be required.

More Info

NU7504 2-Way is the Only Way

2-Way is the Only Way

Lock and start your vehicle with confidence using NuStart 2-way remotes, which provide visual and audible confirmation when your commands are sent successfully.

NU7504 Water-Resistant + Durable

Water-Resistant + Durable

The NU7504 features a high-strength injection molded body that is water-resistant and withstands everyday impact.

NU7504 Compatible with Most Systems

Compatible with Most Systems

NuStart remote kits are compatible with all NuStart remote starters and security systems. Additionally, you can add NuStart remote kits to other remote start brand systems - including Compustar, Arctic Start, iDatalink, and iDataStart.

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